Best Workout mixes for every kind of session

Woman laying on a yoga mat with earphones in listening to music

Taking the time out of your day to work out is essential to a healthy body and mind. Whether that is through a long walk around the neighborhood, a Zumba class or training for a marathon, you will see a huge difference in your mood by working out. However, for many, working out can seem like a chore, something to be dreaded and a burden. By finding the perfect workout playlist, you can push yourself even further. Music has the potential to motivate, calm and distract from the pain! We hope that this list helps you find your perfect playlist, helping you to become the best version of yourself.

 1. Motivation Mix by Spotify

This playlist contains lots of the newest songs straight from the charts, mixed with inspiring beats to get you through your workout! Get those endorphins flowing to make your workout feel like a party. Exercising will not longer feel like a chore and become something to look forward to.

2.Workout Mix 2021 on YouTube

Push yourself to extremes, while getting all the summer vibes with this playlist. This playlist by Max Oazo on YouTube is sure to help you feel and look like the best version of yourself!

3.2000s Workout Playlist on YouTube

Sing along to all your favourite 2000s throwbacks! This playlist is sure to leave you nostalgic. With artists like 50 Cent, Shakira and Lady Gaga, you will soon forget that you are working out, and may even smash some personal bests.

4.Meditation at Sunset on Spotify

If yoga or a calm morning stroll is your preferred choice of daily exercise, this playlist is perfect for you. The sounds of this music is healing and brings a necessary moment of calmness in a busy day. Listening to this playlist in the morning will allow clarity in the mind for the day ahead, or if you prefer to workout at night, this will help reduce stress, relax the muscles and aid with sleep.

5.Dance Party on Spotify

If you dislike traditional methods of working out, dance could be the answer for you. It can be made social, so pull your friends or family together to do some Zumba or dance around the kitchen! Dancing to this playlist is a great option for maintaining a happy and healthy body and mind.

Listening to the same playlist can often become boring and defeat the purpose of listening to music while working out. Why not try a completely different genre of music than you are used to and watch how it affects your performance. Plug in your earphones or connect to your speaker and get your trainers on!