Fuel Your Morning with These High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Fuel Your Morning with These High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas

At Free Soul we are constantly looking for simple ways to improve our physical and mental health without drastically changing so many areas of our diet or life that aren't sustainable.

We deserve to feel good and we’re here to give you some tips to help make those small changes each day. This blog is focused on trying to fuel your morning by having a vegan high protein breakfast.

What is a high protein Vegan Diet?

Protein is essential for many bodily processes for example; repairing cells and bones, as well as creating hormones and enzymes. A high protein vegan diet is consuming a large amount of proteins through plant-based foods such as:

We don’t always have time to make ourselves chickpea avocado on toast in the morning so, this is where our Vegan organic protein blend comes into play.

You can add this to your morning breakfast smoothie to ensure you’re having enough protein - it's a quick and easy way to get that much needed protein all in one go.

Why is a high protein breakfast recommended?

Sometimes our busy lives can get in the way of reaching our recommended daily macronutrient target. It can be even harder as a vegan to have a vegan high protein breakfast as it requires a lot more preparation and planning in order to have a wide variation of foods to hit those targets.

Protein is one of the hardest macronutrients to hit and, sometimes people won’t have any protein until lunchtime.

So, we are challenging you to focus more on ensuring you have a high protein breakfast before you even leave the house because, the benefits are huge keeping your blood sugar and energy stable to help to regulate your appetite all day - we suggest aiming for 30g of protein in your breakfast. Challenge accepted?

High protein vegan breakfast recipes:

At Free Soul we swear by our vegan organic protein powder, so much so, that we add it to pretty much all of our breakfast faves. Here’s some inspo for our favourite high-protein vegan breakfast recipes:

High-protein, plant-based snacks

Not a fan of a full breakfast first thing? Or maybe you've already got your high-protein breakfast recipes under your belt, and instead, you're looking for a high-protein, plant-based snack.

Whether it's a lighter high-protein breakfast or a high-protein mid-morning snack to pick you up, we've got plenty of recipes to keep you going.

We love using a Sunday evening to prep our favourite protein balls, which you can then have as a light-on the go breakfast, or make the perfect snack alongside your 11am coffee. Here are a few more of our fave traybakes and lighter bites…

Protein Fudge Bars

Protein Balls

Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Benefits of having a high-protein breakfast

Having a high-protein plant-based breakfast at the start of your day is the perfect way to set yourself (and your hormones) up for a successful day.

By adding a scoop of Free Soul’s Vegan Protein Blend to your oats, smoothies or breakfast recipes you’ll help your body to stabilise blood glucose, reduce insulin and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Plus as a plant-based blend, opposed to whey or animal product, the Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend won't promote insulin resistance, inflammation, or cause issues with digestion.

We challenge you to try increasing your protein intake in the morning! Let us know how you get on sistas…