Guide To Baking With Protein Powder

An open bag of flour next to a wooden spoon and a glass of water

Think your baking pantry is limited to flour, baking soda and eggs? Think again!

Protein powder is increasingly being used in baking to maximise the nutritional value of the food we make. Here are tips from @becsfitbites to successfully incorporate protein powder into your baking. 

Top 5 tips for baking:

  1. Invest in a selection of cup measures and spoon measures as they are so easy to use and much quicker to understand.
  2. Blending oats into a flour gives you a really tasty base with natural sweetness. I usually use a ratio of oats to an additional flour of 2:1 e.g. 1 cup of oats and 1/2 a cup of quinoa/rye/spelt/buckwheat flour etc.
  3. Use flax-egg or chia-egg (flax seeds or chia seeds soaked in water, ratio 1:2 seeds to water)
  4. Always use at least 1 scoop of protein powder for the extra protein boost and extra flavour, making your treats nutritious and tasty.
  5. Coconut sugar is a great way to sweeten your bakes as it’s extra sweet with more depth to the taste compared to regular white sugar.

Protein powder works amazingly in muffins, cookies, brownies, biscuits, pancakes and oats, smoothie bowls and perfect for making hot chocolates. You can use protein powder in anything you make, just match the protein powder flavour to the bake you are making.

The best two flavours to choose are vanilla or chocolate because vanilla goes with everything and chocolate flavour works perfectly with anything chocolaty!