Here’s why you should be having protein powder daily

Here’s why you should be having protein powder daily


It’s time to rethink your take on protein powders.

If you can’t think about protein powder without being reminded of the muscled up men at your gym, know that the benefits of protein powder go well beyond just bulking and muscle gain. With the right protein blend, you can repair and regenerate your muscles, increase your endurance and support your wellness way beyond the gym.

Here’s what you need to know about protein for women and the benefits of protein powder.

Protein powder is a brilliant source of easily-metabolised protein

Whether you’re vegan or omnivore, the protein you eat helps you to repair and build muscle after a workout. Whey protein is a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). In fact, it contains the highest known levels of BCAAs of any natural food source. 

Unlike other essential amino acids, BCAAs are metabolised directly into the muscle tissue and are the first amino acids to be used during resistance training and other types of exercise. These amino acids are hugely important for supporting muscle growth, helping to repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue. They also provide a key energy source during endurance exercise, allowing you to train more intensively for longer.

For vegans, pea protein isolate, made from yellow split peas, is also an excellent source of easily-digestible protein. Pea protein is more digestible than most plant-based proteins and it has been shown to improve strength and promote muscle growth. Unlike soy protein, it also has a good phytochemical profile and has not been found to contain phytoestrogens that may cause hormonal disruption.

Protein powder helps support healthy weight management

Diet is key for weight management and protein powder can help make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Both whey protein and pea protein have been found to limit weight gain and control blood glucose levels, making them good choices for diabetics. 

Protein powder is also a useful tool for helping you feel fuller for longer. Pea protein has been found to raise satiety, aka the feeling of fullness. This can have a huge impact on weight management by helping you to maintain a lower calorie diet. Whey protein may also act as an appetite suppressant.

Protein powder has a diverse range of health benefits

The right protein supplement can have a positive impact on your health, beyond just muscle growth and weight management. Whey is a source of diverse biologically active compounds and it shows promise as an antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial food source. Whey protein may also help to enhance immune function and protect against some cancers.

Both whey and pea protein have been found to have positive effects on cardiovascular health too. These protein powders can help to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. This is especially important for maintaining health as you age.

The benefits of protein for women

The evidence is clear: protein is hugely important for your health and protein powder can help get you the protein intake your body needs. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from having protein powder daily. To get started, try our original protein blend, specially formulated for women.

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