How to stay motivated to workout at home

How to stay motivated to workout at Home

These unusual times that we’re living in have brought a whole host of challenges - one of which is maintaining some form of routine. Ever heard that the secret of your future is found in your daily routine? Neither had we tbh, but it’s true! So how can we stay motivated to keep on top of our mental, physical, and professional goals? Today we’re going to focus on our fitness goals...and here we go: how to stay motivated to workout from home.

Your favourite gym might be closed, or you might not fancy going in, and so we’re left with EFH (Exercising From Home - not sure if it’s going to catch on). 

Personally, I started working out from home during the first lockdown and although I was incredibly sceptical at first, a few (6?!) months later I’ve been absolutely converted. I don’t have to drive in to the gym, park, walk to a locker, and do it all again on the way out - instead, I’m switching on YouTube, following an instructor for 30 minutes on a bodyweight madness, and I’m done - quick shower, mix up my Free Soul shake, and I’m done. I definitely miss the atmosphere of the gym, and the funky equipment, but right now I do feel more comfortable working out from home - just me though, you do you Sista.

One of the massive advantages a gym has, is getting you motivated because of the environment it provides - so without it, how can you stay on top of your motivation?

  1. If you can, find yourself a workout partner from your bubble!

Why? Makes it more fun, keeps you accountable, and pushes you to show up and finish! In an ideal world, try and find someone who is at a similar stage in their fitness journey. 

  1. Use your diary!

Why? Scheduling time allows you to block out all your other responsibilities and focus on the workout, distraction free. Plus by scheduling, it takes away the mental pressure of trying to find slots in your diary. Personally, I’ve blocked out 6:30-7:30am, and although it’s early, I’m done before work, and it means I’ve got the day off to a great start.

  1. Create an awesome playlist!

Why? Because damn girl, music feels great when you mix it with some exercise.

  1. Find your “why”

Why? Often, it’s easy to forget why we’re doing something, and get lost in the monotony of a task. When this happens, remember why you started, and you’ll be working with purpose. For me, I work out for my mental health, and because I find it’s a great way to improve my performance at work - when I work out hard, I tend to smash the day and feel great. On those days I ceebs to hit the gym, I remember this, and it gets my foot in the door. 

  1. Remember, there’s no such thing as a “bad workout” 

Why? Because you don’t need to do an hour long HIIT session to be killing it, maybe on some days you just need a 20 minute walk - it all counts. 

So there we have it! Our top 5 tips on how to stay motivated to workout from home! Remember, consistency is everything - so phase into it, constantly educate yourself on great techniques, and most importantly - enjoy it. Steve Jobs once said that “the journey is the reward”, and it often helps me to think of my journey in this way.

Stay safe.



ps - thank you @leelajasminesule for the beautiful picture!