Protein makes you bulky...right?

Protein makes you bulky...right?

Protein makes you bulky… right?

That is totally not the case. Protein is not the devil, we promise. Protein is necessary for our bodies to function effectively and will most definitely NOT make you fat. Still not convinced? Let’s break it down.

But, what is it?

Protein is one of the three macro nutrients (alongside with fat and carbohydrates) that our body needs to fuel our activities throughout the day and generally function. 

Protein is extra important as it contains 20 amino acids which are the basic components of muscle tissue, which is the major component of all body tissue.

Why do we need it after a workout?

After any workout our muscles break down and our body needs to rebuild them to become stronger and get ready for another similar workout. 

By consuming high quality, amino acid-rich protein we help our body to repair the tissue quicker and stronger than before.

But what if I only do cardio?

Both cardio and weight lifting put lots of stress on the muscles and it is important to help repair that stress! However, if you do weight-training you will be creating many more micro-rips which when repaired cause muscle growth (gains, baby).

Are you sure it won't make me gain weight?

There is no way protein alone will make you gain weight! If you are gaining weight it is because you are at a caloric surplus, so consuming more calories than your body needs every day. 

If you believe protein makes you bulky or has done so in the past while having protein shakes it could be because of adding lots of other ingredients which are high in calories into your shakes (peanut butter, maple syrup, bananas etc). 

So, enjoy some protein as part of a balanced diet. We recommend a protein shake with breakfast to start your day with all the nutrients your body needs.