Some of the awesome benefits of increasing your protein intake

Some of the awesome benefits of increasing your protein intake

What is the first thing you think of when you hear ‘protein shake’? There’s usually a stereotypical image that goes with people who drink protein shakes as “gym buffs” or “big and bulky.” And for that reason, there can sometimes be a common misconception of who should be taking protein powder. And for women who fear getting “big and bulky”, many shy away from shakes because they don’t want to gain "too much" muscle. 

Although it is true that women’s daily protein needs are generally lower than men’s, there are some awesome benefits for women who increase their protein intake!

Weight Control

Protein helps keep you fuller for longer. How? Because protein is more satiating than either carbohydrates or fats, so increasing protein intake from protein supplements and protein-rich foods can help you feel fuller and even allow you to take in fewer calories in total.

Muscle Strength and Mass

Muscle mass is particularly important for women because it’s lean and it burns calories more efficiently than body fat. More muscle mass makes it easier to perform everyday physical tasks. Women may benefit from protein supplements because it provides high quality and quickly digestible source of protein which enables consistent construction and repair of lean muscle fibers.

Muscle Growth

Many women are wary of looking too ‘bulky’ and would want a toned physique. However, for most women, getting ‘bulky’ is actually extremely hard to do because it requires a lot of strength training, but mainly because the estrogen in the female body makes it hard to get ‘bulky’ muscles. Protein allows women to gain and preserve lean muscle mass.


On a day-by-day basis, meeting your daily protein needs can be challenging if you’re strapped for time or eating on the go. That’s where protein powder can be very useful. Mixing it into a delicious shake or blend into a tasty smoothie, can help you hit your protein goals no matter what! You can also sprinkle some powder into your waffle mix or pancake batter or oats. Making it super easy to help make every meal or snack a high-protein one!