The Ultimate Beauty Bowl

A bowl of granola, strawberries and peaches in yoghurt

Just can’t face the taste of marine collagen? When we designed Free Soul Collagen we were set upon creating a formula that wasn’t just high-strength and effective, but tasted good too. A challenge, we know. Afterall, collagen requires consistency and we know how much easier it is to be consistent with something that tastes great.

With a sweet, blackcurrant flavour FS Collagen can be consumed straight from the sachet – or mixed with your favourite drink. But, for those who want to get their daily dose in other ways, we’ve got the recipe just for you.



Free Soul Liquid Collagen


Seeds – we love sesame or chia

Nut butter or Tahini


Fresh Fruit – we love raspberries and peach



In a bowl stir one collagen sachet into natural yoghurt. Top with granola, your chosen seeds, a drizzle of melted nut butter or tahini and fresh seasonal fruit and top with honey.