What is a protein powder for women & why you should use it?

What is a protein powder for women & why you should use it?

When I first discovered Free Soul there were a few questions that popped into my mind that I needed to ask before incorporating it into my daily routine and life.

And I’m certain that this is probably the same for you too.

All I knew at that point was that:

  1. I needed extra protein in my diet, and...
  2. Supplementing my diet with protein powder would be the most convenient way to do so.

I knew that I wanted a protein powder that was good for me, and preferably one that had added benefits in addition to the protein and tastes good so it wouldn’t be a chore to consume.

After doing a little exploration and a little experimenting and a little tasting, to meet all of these little desires, I was very happily satisfied.

Some of the questions that I had were: what is protein for women? What does this actually mean and how is it any different from protein for men?

Surely protein isn’t gender-specific – so what is it that makes it specific for women?

I did a little digging to help you find out the answers to all these questions that I’ve asked myself.

Firstly, protein.

You wouldn’t be looking for a protein supplement unless you knew how important protein is for your body.

In a nutshell, if you don’t know already, proteins are the building blocks of your body.

Protein is absolutely key to the function of the human body, both on a day-to-day basis and during any physical activities.

It’s not only essential for building a lean body and recovering effectively, but it’s also super important for strong nails, full hair, and clear skin.

What is protein powder?

Simply put, protein powder is a supplement. It’s a powder form of the typical protein you would get from consuming protein-rich foods. There are lots of types of protein powders out there that are based on protein sources such as soy, hemp, pea, whey, etc.

Whichever you choose depends on your body and which type of protein best suits you.

For example, if you’re a vegan you would opt for a protein not derived from dairy. Or if you’re not a vegan but you’re making a shift towards more plant-based products (like me), you would opt for a plant-based protein.

Why do we need it as a supplement?

Protein powders are a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you’re hitting optimal protein levels in your diet.

It’s often challenging to get enough protein through eating alone, due to the volume of food one would need to consume, and also due to the time involved in preparation. Protein powders have the added advantage that it’s very quickly absorbed into your body post-workout, so your muscles can recover quickly.

Supplementing your diet with protein powder, in the form of a shake or snack, is also helpful to keep you fuller for longer. This would mean you would be less likely to snack throughout the day by warding off sugar cravings. 

Is protein different for men and women?

No. Protein on its own is not specific to any gender.

In the case of the Free Soul blends, what makes it a protein powder for women is the added key ingredients that are specifically formulated for the needs of the female body. The blends also have no nasties! By nasties, I mean, it is soy-free, MPC-free, GMO-free and doesn’t contain any artificial flavourings or added sugar. 

What are the key ingredients specifically for women?

Each key ingredient is carefully sourced and the blends have been curated to target specific female needs. This makes the product range highly effective to female health because everything has been included in the formula for a specific reason.

Peruvian maca and flaxseed serve to promote hormonal balance. Women’s hormonal fluctuations are more pronounced than their male counterparts, therefore there is more of a need to include ingredients that support and help to regulate hormones.

Siberian ginseng and guarana support energy levels. Guarana also serves as a strong antioxidant and can give a slow and steady supply of energy.

Calcium for bone density, iron for production of red blood cells – did you know that women need more supplementation for strong bones than men do?

Fun fact: 43% of your daily iron intake is in one serving of Free Soul protein powder. Women require higher levels of iron supplementation due to our menstrual cycles. 

B vitamins encourage healthy hair, skin, and nails. And aside from beauty benefits, the B vitamins help manage the optimal function of our bodies.


The formula is developed by leading nutritionists in the UK.

Everything that is put in the formula is independently tested and backed by peer review studies and research papers.

The takeaway - to shake or not to shake?

Increasing protein intake can only be a good thing seeing as it’s fundamental for optimal function of your body. It’s especially useful for muscle growth and muscle recovery, so if your goal is to build more lean muscle, then a protein supplement is definitely your answer.

You can also take protein powder in other forms than a shake, but that’s a topic for another day, where we'll show you how to cook up some of our favourite protein snacks using the Free Soul Protein Powders.