Free Soul Ferrero Rochers

Chocolate protein balls in a bowl next to nuts

Ok, this one is ridiculous 🤯Everyone loves Ferrero Rochers, and here’s a home made Free Soul version by the insanely creative @bonniebrazilb 😍 drop whatever you’re doing and start making these, they’re that good!!


🌰 30g Free Soul vegan chocolate protein powder
🌰 30g steamed/boiled/baked sweet potato
🌰 50g Hazelnut butter
🌰 5g cocoa powder
🌰 20g agave syrup
🌰 40ml plant milk
🌰 6 hazelnuts


Blend all the ingredients to a smooth consistency in a blender. Use a spoon to scoop out enough mixture to roll into bite size round shapes. Once all the mixture is used put on a tray and let them set in the fridge. These protein laden bites have 8.1g of protein per serving!!! Enjoy