Free Soul Proats

Porridge oats with peanutbutter, fruit compot and a rustic spoon

A classic with virtually infinite variations so youā€™ve always got something interesting for breakfast that smashes your macros, keeps you full, and tastes nothing short of divine šŸ˜ Free Soul Proats by @bonniebrazilbšŸ„³ -


šŸ„£2 scoops Free Soul protein powder
šŸ„£50g Oats
šŸ„£100ml Oat Milk
šŸ„£100ml Water (depending on how thick you like your proats!) -


šŸ„£Drizzle of almond butter
šŸ„£Stewed cherries


When it comes to the actual combining of the oatmeal and powder, make sure to cook your oatmeal first and wait to add in the protein until after the oats are fully cooked ā€” this will prevent your powder from cooking and becoming lumpy. Try going with a flavored protein like Free Soul ginger biscuit, to fool your pallet into thinking your breakfast is actually dessert