Free Soul Protein Cookies

A bowl of protein cookies
Soft, warm, makes you feel great, good for your health, and delicious? If you like your cookies like you like your partners look no further 🥳 Free Soul Protein cookies by @amycousins1 are everything you need from Monday to Sunday as your meal prepped snacks 😍 -

🍪30g Free Soul Chocolate Vegan Protein
🍪1 Can Chickpeas
🍪150g Smooth Nut Butter
🍪80g Syrup
🍪2tsp Cacao Powder
🍪1tsp Vanilla Extract
🍪1/2 tsp Baking Powder
🍪Cacao Nibs
🍪Choc Shot

Pre-heat oven & line a baking tray. Place all ingredients (except cacao nibs & choc shot) in blender. Mix until combined. Using a spoon, divide & place mixture on tray. Cook for 13-15 mins - they will come out soft! Leave too cool. Top w/ cacao nibs & lots of choc shot. Enjoy!! #FreeSoulSistas