Chocolate smoothie in a bowl with a wooden spoon

Ok ladies, it may be winter, but when you’re curled up in front of the TV, is there anything better than ice cream?! YES... 🥁 it’s Nice-cream 🤯 all the taste of ice cream, but it’s healthy, high in protein & fibre, and because of the Free Soul vitamin & mineral mix, it’ll keep you optimally fuelled too! Just pour into the bowl, keep frozen, and scoop from there!

Thank you @fruitsandroutes for this delicious recipe🤩 

For the nice-cream

Ingredients ⬇️

🍦1 heaped scoop Free Soul chocolate protein
🍦100g frozen courgette
🍦150g frozen banana chunks (peeled before freezing)
🍦50ml almond milk
🍦1 heaped tsp instant coffee dissolved in a small amount of water

Method ⬇️

Simply blend all the ingredients until smooth, scraping down occasionally.

Top and enjoy! -