Pecan Pie

Close up of a hand holding a white brownie topped with a whole walnut

Saturday morning with the smell of pecan pie baking away šŸ˜

10g Free Soul VanillaĀ Vegan protein
80g Pecans
80g Almonds
80g Nut Butter
20g Sweetener
10g Chia Seeds
30ml Soy Milk
Cacao Nibs

šŸ„œMETHOD ā¬‡
1. Line try with baking paper.
2. Blitz pecans, almonds until fine.
3. Add almond butter, sweetener, chia seeds, blend until combined.
4. Add milk until resembles a batter (add more if needed)
5. Transfer to tray, press into place and put in freezer.
6. Leave to set for around 2 hours.
7. Enjoy!

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