Perfect Protein Overnight Oats

A white bowl of porridge oats, raspberries and chocolate shavings
@missnutritionist breakfast goals 😍 Protein isn’t just for post-workout shakes, it’s the foundation of a healthy body, and essential even for healthy hair, skin, and nails! Did you know our blends also have a B Vitamin Complex blended in to keep your hair and skin looking super healthy? 💁‍♀️ Protein also keeps you fuller for longer, so it wards off those snack cravings! .
The perfect protein overnight oats:
▪️1/3 cup oats
▪️1/3 cup almond milk
▪️2 scoops of Free Soul Vanilla Protein
▪️cacao nibs and raspberries
Blend together the oats, milk and protein, top with the cacao and raspberries, refrigerate overnight, and enjoy in the morning 😄