Close up of a hand holding a protein millionaires shortbread
PROTEIN COOKIE DOUGH BARS 🍫 By @vegantastiness 🔥🌱🔥

Honestly, these are just too good for an intro, straight to business with an insane recipe below:


🍪 Bottom layer
•1 can of chickpeas(around 250g)
•1 cup of oats
•3 tbsps of coconut blossom nectar/or sweetener of choice
•chocolate chips
•pinch of salt
•vanilla exact(optional)
•splash of non-dairy milk if needed
•you can also add a little bit of nut butter, but I made it without it, so it’s totally optional

🍪 Middle layer
•2/3 jar of apricot jam(made out of only fruit, no added sugar or sweetener)
•2 big scoops of Free Soul chocolate protein -
🍪 Chocolate layer
•you can use either melted dark chocolate •or I made homemade chocolate sauce out of cocoa powder and some non-dairy milk

It’s a no-bake recipe, so you don’t have to bake it. You just have to combine the ingredients of the bottom layer together and then pour that into a baking pan and put it to the freezer for 20 minutes. Then add the middle layer(the chocolatey apricot jam) and put it back to the freezer again. 
And then if it hardens you just have to add the chocolate sauce on top and put back to the freezer(for the last time).

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