Strawberry Sprinkle Protein Pops

Strawberry Sprinkle Protein Pops

Sprinkles for breakfast?! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE 🎊🎉@amycousins1 out there with our new baby, Whey Strawberry, cooking up the freshest 💅 in her own words:
“These Strawberry Sprinkle Protein Pops are perfect when you need a little protein hit! Pre-workout? Yup. Post? Yes. Afternoon snack? Of course! They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and take about 15 minutes to make! 👩‍🍳

♥️ 60g Free Soul Vanilla Protein

♥️ 100g reduced sugar strawberry jam

♥️ 50g @pipandnut 🥜butter

♥️ 40g 🥥flour

♥️ 30g oat flour

♥️ sprinkles (spraankles gurl)
Mix protein powder and strawberry jam together, once mixed add the peanut butter and flours. Combine well and refrigerate for around 10 minutes. Once the mixture is cool, scoop into balls and cover in sprinkles! THATS IT! These lil pops will last for around 5 days in an airtight container!”

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