Close up of a hand holding a protein bar

A home-made Twix bar that’s healthy?!🤯forget the what you’re doing, just start making this now and call in sick tomorrow so you can make some more. They taste that good 😳 @amycousins1 we love you longtime for this one! ♥️ 


20g Free Soul vanilla vegan protein
40g Crunchy Almond Butter
40ml Soy Milk
20g Oats
5g Sweetener

20g Free Soul protein
40g Smooth Almond Butter
70-100ml Soy Milk
5g Sweetener

50g dark Chocolate


1. Mix all BASE ingredients together in a bowl until combined.
2. Press mixture into lined tupperware, place in freezer.
3. Mix all FILLING ingredients together. Texture should be quite thin.
4. Pour on top of base, freeze for 1-2 hours.
5. Once base and caramel have set, cut into slices.
6. Melt chocolate and coat bars.
7. Place back into freezer to set.
8. Enjoy!🤩
#FreeSoulSistas #FuelledByFreeSoul