Weetabix protein bowl

A bowl of cereal with fresh oats, berries and banana in chocolate milk
Cereal for dinner?! Healthy? Yes. Hear us out ladies 🎙 If you’re not a fan of having shakes on their own, mixing up something in your shaker and pouring it over some high fibre cereal with fruit is a hella healthy, and quick dinner, that tastes great! Thank you @amycousins1 for this one ♥️

Ingredients ⬇️
3 weetabix
200 ml almond or soya 🥛
30gm Free Soul Chocolate protein
1 banana 🍌 sliced
1 tbsp cacao nibs
Sprinkling of cherry bakewell granola

Method ⬇️
Blend together the milk and protein powder. Pour your shake over your cereal. Top with sliced banana, cacao nibs and granola. As simple as that!

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