6 Hacks To Improve Your Home Workouts

6 Hacks To Improve Your Home Workouts

Feel like you’ve stopped making progress with your home workouts? We hear you! Let’s face it, most of us thought we’d be back in the gym by now and many are getting bored of doing burpees in the living room or running endless laps of the local park! So, if you also feel like you’ve lost your mojo or your sessions have become too easy, it’s time to give your workout schedule a re-boot and crank the intensity back up! Here’s 6 ways to up the intensity of your home workouts without spending a small fortune on home fitness equipment or working away for hours on end – ain’t nobody got time for that!


Add Load To Your Workouts

A key part of getting stronger and fitter is making sure you’re increasing the load (aka the weight!) you’re using week on week. If you’ve exhausted bodyweight training and don’t fancy dropping some serious cash on a new kettlebell, get creative with household items instead! No, we don’t mean a set of chickpea tins or a 500ml water bottle – we mean serious business here! Grab your biggest backpack or a small suitcase and pack it full of your heaviest books or your lockdown stash of wine to really give yourself a challenge. It’s time to get squatting, pressing and deadlifting again!


Increase The Volume

If you’d rather keep your wine bottles for drinking and use your bodyweight for training, another great way to make sure you’re progressing is to crank up the amount of reps or sets you’re doing. This type of strength training is awesome for boosting muscular endurance, as it targets your muscles when they’re already fatigued, breaking down more muscle fibres for greater muscle growth. Runners; don’t think we’re letting you off easy! Push yourself out of your 5km comfort zone with some longer, fast-paced runs.


Implement Some Structure

If, like us, you got a little over-excited with the first influx of IG lives and Zoom workouts from your favourite trainers, doing so many random, unstructured workouts might be starting to hinder your progress. Having a well-structured and consistent plan that increases in load or volume week on week will make sure you’re consistently improving your game. Take some time during the weekend to plan out your sessions based on your schedule, including a good mix of cardio and strength work that hits all the key muscle groups. Make sure you add in time to work on your weaknesses too, whether that’s bossing those press ups or killing your 5k time!


Reduce Your Rest Times

Whatever the type of training you’re doing, recovery time can have a huge impact on your workouts. Your session might feel easy with a 2-minute break in between sets or exercises but reduce this to 30-60 seconds and suddenly you’ll be gasping for air! But don’t worry, your efforts will be worth the (temporary!) pain, as your body will respond to the greater demands by getting better and becoming more efficient. If you find yourself getting distracted when working at home, download a circuit timer to keep yourself accountable, so that 30 second rest doesn’t turn into a 5-minute Instagram scroll!


Set Yourself A Goal

Having a goal in mind is a great way to boost your motivation and make sure you keep making headway with your fitness. Set yourself a target – and a realistic plan to help you achieve this – to give you a reason for squeezing out an extra rep or pushing through another mile on the road.


Fuel Your Body

We can’t emphasise this more; if you want to train hard, your body needs fuel! We repeat, your body needs fuel! If you’re struggling for energy or don’t seem to be getting the results you want despite consistently killing your workouts, it’s time to take a good hard look at what’s on your plate. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and carbohydrates, particularly post-workout, to help your muscles repair and grow. And don’t forget about your micronutrient intake – how are those iron levels and your B6 too?  


Enter Free Soul’s nutrition blends! Specifically created with the help of expert nutritionists, giving your body a quick and convenient complete protein source, containing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals too. So, you can go back to your workouts without any deficiencies to zap your energy or slow your progress! 


So there we are! 6 hacks to improve your home workouts - they may seem simple, but if you truly stick to each one, you'll feel the difference and your body and mind will thank you for it!