What is Peruvian Maca and what is it good for?

What is Peruvian Maca and what is it good for?

Attention Sistas, we want to tell you about the superfood that can support the female cause and yes, it’s in the Free Soul Protein Blends!

Maca root from Peru is one of the latest adaptogens to take center stage in the natural health community, and its recently realized superfood status is well-deserved. Researchers are continuously discovering more new health benefits associated with this powerful root vegetable and it has gained a notable reputation for its benefits for women.

Grown in the Peruvian mountains, the indigenous people of the Andes have consumed Maca for centuries. Historically, it was used as a natural source of healing and as a  medicinal remedy, but today, Maca is taking on a whole new life, with clinically proven and remarkable health benefits, both as a food and as a supplement. Maca hosts important micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids (20 different kinds!) and is jam-packed with antioxidants.

Girls, do you feel that sometimes in our daily lives, due to an overkill of environmental estrogens, sometimes our hormones can be a bit out of whack? Yes, we feel that happens too. Hence this superfood to the rescue! Maca is said to stimulate the master glands of our body and helps to regulate our hormone balance.

Not only has Maca root has been used extensively as a hormone balancer, it may also improve mood and overall brain health. How come? Holistic wellness often recommends omega-3 fatty acids (like the ones found in Maca) as a primary step toward alleviating symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and stress.

Studies have shown that this adaptogen improves energy, focus and athletic performance. Maca’s high nutrition value can also aid in recovery from post-workout or injury. Even if you’re not an elite athlete, incorporating Maca into your regular routine could be a great way to bring a spring into your step.

Give it a go with one of our Maca-infused protein blends and let us know which health benefit you’ve experienced!

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