The Free Soul Rewards and Referral Programmes


Get rewarded while you spend on nutritional products that make you healthier? Oh yes, count me in! It’s a super simple and super easy process.

First step is to sign up by clicking the ‘SOUL Points’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If you haven’t already, follow the instructions and create an account with us in a few simple steps. If you already have an account with us, then simply log in and you can start earning points right away!

To get you on your way towards earning those great discounts, we’ll give you 100 points just for signing up, and there’s a few simple one off actions you can do to earn even more points. If you share us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, you can earn 40 extra points with just a few clicks!

How can I earn additional points? It’s easy! For every £1 you spend on our store, when you have logged in with your account, you’ll get 2 SOUL Points, which you will be able to redeem in the form of discounts and other exciting offers!

When you’ve saved at least 200 points, you will be eligible to redeem £4 off your next purchase. Don’t worry, there’s no risk of you forgetting or losing track of when you can redeem, as we’ll send you an email once you’ve collected enough points.

The more points you collect the greater the rewards!

To redeem your rewards, simply log back into your rewards and click 'Spend Points' to get a unique discount code that you can use at checkout.

Now start collecting those points girl!


Now we don’t want to be selfish and keep all the goodies to ourselves, do we? We can share the benefits of Free Soul with our friends and both get discounts!

How do we share? Just click on the SOUL Points button, scroll all the way down and you’ll see a referral code that you can pass on to your friends and family. Simply share this link however you want with however many people you want, and they’ll get £5 off their next purchase when they use the link you sent them! 

The best thing is, not only do they get £5 off when they use the link you provided, but when they complete their order, you’ll be notified and we’ll give you £5 off too! And it doesn’t stop there, the more people you refer, the greater the discounts you can earn!

Sounds pretty good right, now let’s share the love!

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