Soul Food: Pumpkin Ginger And Cinnamon Energy Protein Flapjack by @thecontentwolf

"When Halloween is done, don’t throw your pumpkins away, use them to make soup, cakes and flapjacks." Kiri, The Content Wolf 

This deliciously spooktacular protein flapjack recipe is made with pumpkin! We're sure you'll have plenty of leftover after carving out your pumpkins for Halloween - and this is a super yummy way to use your leftovers to fuel your workout or even great as a post-workout snack! 

protein flapjack


A whole load of oats

Coconut oil or butter whichever you prefer

A splash of coconut milk to help get the right consistency (you can use water)

Free Soul ginger biscuit protein powder

Half a small pumpkin


A squeeze of lemon (amount varies depending on how zingy you want them)

A healthy sprinkle of cinnamon (again, add to taste depending on how much you like cinnamon)

A little sprinkle of nutmeg

A teaspoon of ground ginger


For the flapjack

Before making the mixture you’ll need to chop up and boil half a pumpkin and then let it cool a little.

For the mixture, start by adding the protein powder, oats and pumpkin.

If you’re using butter add it now as it will melt easier if the pumpkin is still a little warm.

Mix together and then add all the other ingredients. But leave the coconut milk and lemon until the end.

Add the lemon juice and then keep adding a little bit of coconut milk until the mixture starts sticking together and is a little moist.

It takes a few attempts at making these to figure out the best consistency. Some people prefer their flapjacks moist, and other like them harder and crunchy, so it depends what you want.

Then spread the mixture evenly over a greaseproof paper in a suitable dish.

Pop in the oven for ten minutes at around 160 degrees.

Take out the oven when the flapjacks are harder on top but still gooey on the inside.

Cut up into slices and leave to cool.

For the sauce/topping

To make the chocolate drizzle sauce melt some butter and then add golden syrup and raw cocoa powder.

Stir until it turns into a smooth sauce. Then drizzle on top in whatever pattern your heart desires.

For a healthier alternative, simply melt some 85% dark chocolate and drizzle on top.

(Tip: For the chocoholics out there, you can also sprinkle a dusting of cocoa powder on top to make yummy ginger and chocolate high protein balls.)

And if you like, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds for some added goodness.



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