Why the Free Soul Protein Blends?

Why the Free Soul Protein Blends?

Why Should I take Protein?

When people think of protein the first thing that comes to your mind is getting muscular or bulky, or even unhealthy meal replacement shakes. However this isn’t the case and protein shakes are so much more than this!

Protein is key nutrient and is so important to how we function, on a day to day basis, and also in our physical activities. Protein is broken down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of our body. Proteins support recovery by repairing cells and tissue, promoting healthy hair, skin and nails, and a lean physique. Furthermore, eating protein can help keep you feel fuller for longer, so it will help you ward of cravings and prevent snacking throughout the day. 

But what makes the Free Soul Blends different?

Free Soul focuses on the unique nutritional needs of women in a way no-one else does. We have worked with leading nutritionists in the UK to formulate products that are unique and effective, and are specifically targeted towards women.

To do this, we have blended our proteins with natural ingredients, minerals and adaptogens to target important aspects of female wellness, such as hormonal balance, bone density, energy, metabolism, as well as hair, skin and nails. All the ingredients we have added in have been added in for a reason, and have been independently tested and backed up by peer reviewed studies to ensure the very highest quality and effectiveness.

In addition to the premium quality ingredients we have used, we’ve also removed a load of things that really don’t need to be there! None of our protein blends contains any artificial fillers, such as MPC, or artificial colours. All our protein blends are also soy, gluten and GMO free too!

So what are these added ingredients and how will they benefit me?

To source our ingredients, we spent over a year in development, finding the very best suppliers to provide us with these key ingredients. These key ingredients include; Maca from Peru, Ginseng from Siberia, Guarana, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, a strong Vitamin B complex and Flaxseed.

Maca has been used since the time of the Incas as a powerful adaptogen for hormone regulation. Ginseng and Guarana are also really powerful adaptogens too, and are used to promote a healthy metabolism.

Our blends also have a great Vitamin B complex, which has a whole host of benefits, such as helping maintain energy and vitality, reducing tiredness and fatigue and contributing to a normal healthy metabolism. Our Vitamin B complex is also essential for healthy hair, skin, nails, teeth and bones. The Free Soul Blends also contain 43% of your RDA of iron – so you will definitely feel the difference in energy throughout the day.

For some more information on the Key Ingredients, be sure to check out Protein Blend pages, which have a detailed breakdown of each ingredient. The Free Soul blend is also available in Vegan and Whey bases.

Free Soul Protein Powder Vanilla Chocolate

So is this a meal replacement shake?

Definitely not! Meal replacement shakes advertise weight loss under the false pretence of starvation. This is an unhealthy, short term and ‘quick fix’ approach to weight loss. Instead we focus on achieving long term, sustainable results. Having spent a over a year in product development, we want to make sure we are using the very best ingredients to make sure you feel great on the inside, so you can perform on the outside.

How and when should I take my protein shake?

Typically protein shakes have been associated with being a great post workout solution to ensure a quick and effective recovery after your workout. This is of course an option with Free Soul Protein Blends, but they can also can be blended in with your morning smoothies, used to whip us some delicious ‘Protein Pancakes’ or simply mixed with water or milk and taken on the go. There are some great recipe ideas on the Free Soul blog – be sure to check them out and definitely share your creation and recipes with us too!

But does it taste good?

Absolutely! We spent over 4 months in flavour development to ensure we have the best tasting protein on the market. We wanted to create a blend that has a whole host of benefits, but something that also tastes great and mixes well too! Our Vegan protein definitely one of the best tasting too, and it doesn’t have that awful grainy texture that is so common with other Vegan proteins too.

At the moment we have the Whey Blends available in Chocolate or Vanilla, and the Vegan Blends available in Chocolate or Berry. We are always looking to come out with more flavours so if you have a flavour you’d love for us to make, let us know and we’ll get to work!

Amazing! Where can I buy it?

Right here!

Shop the Free Soul Protein Blends here:

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