Curing Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re anything like us, you can’t say no to a good sweet treat! After all, it’s human nature to seek out quick energy sources when we’re feeling tired or when our energy is flagging. But in the modern world we’re rarely in starvation mode and tend to also reach for sugar when we’re simply a bit bored; which can become a habit that is tough to beat. So, we like to grab a Free Soul shake or snack instead – providing a comforting and satisfying 3pm pick me up, with much less sugar and a whole lot of added benefits too!

How to: Shake up two scoops of Free Soul’s chocolate whey or vegan blend with milk or water for the most convenient hit of chocolate goodness. Need something with a little more oomph? Whip up a batch of fruit & nut protein balls or even a protein-packed yoghurt bowl for a seriously sweet snack!