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Featuring a fully comprehensive, and personalised, 12 week diet & training plan, to get lean and defined. Tailored to your body type, weight, and lifestyle, with 3 different exercise cycles tailored for you. Unrivalled personal support & motivation comes as standard.

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How it works

1. Start with a questionnaire
This is key to give us a clear picture of your overall health, body measurements, nutritional history and lifestyle and help the team to ensure you get the best start possible.

2. We'll tailor your plan
Our team gets to work and begins to create your nutrition and training plan, based on the information provided in step 1.

3. Begin your transformation
We send over your complete plan and explain how the guide should be used. This is the first day of your plan, and your transformation starts here.

4. Graduation & sustaining results
You’ve completed your 90 day transformation and are equipped with the skills you need to continue progressing and performing for life.

Start your transformation today

The workouts are fun and won’t require hours in the gym. The recipes are delicious, and don’t require you to sacrifice your favourite foods. This is a plan that fits around your lifestyle, and is fully tailored for you. Invest in yourself, and start your transformation today.

The Cutting & Toning Guide

Incredible recipes
We show you how to achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your favourite foods. You won’t be going hungry, and we’ll even share our favourite recipes with you.

Training Plan
Each month, you’ll receive your training plan for the next 4 weeks that will elevate your performance and results without having to spend hours in the gym.

Unrivalled Support
You’ll never be alone in your journey with Free Soul, our support team is available every step of the way, and are available to answer any questions that you have at any stage of your journey.

Unlock your full potential