Meal replacement guide

Below are just 3 of the most popular goals we’re helping Women across the globe achieve with our Dual Use Blends:

Weight & Fat Loss:

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: when most people say they want to lose weight, what they actually mean is that they want to lose body fat.

So, simply eat as little calories as possible and the fat will fly off, right?

Not so fast! Remember, this is meant to healthy and sustainable, so trying to survive off lettuce leaves and air alone will neither give you enough energy to get through the day, nor be something you can maintain long-term. We recommend a slower approach – losing about 1lb of fat per week. And to do this, you’ll need to consume a deficit of around 500kcal per day.

Which is exactly where our Dual Use complete meal blends come in! They’ve been carefully formulated to give you all the macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need, whilst containing only 253 calories per serve when paired with oat milk. Swap breakfast or lunch for a quick shake and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body, helping you reach your fat loss goals whilst cutting your meal prep time down to around 60 seconds! The gluten-free oats and high fibre content will provide slow-releasing energy, helping to keep you full until your next meal too.  

Weight Gain:

How can Dual Use help with this? Here, we recommend adding in a third scoop (instead of just 2) of the Dual Use Blend to help increase your calorie intake sustainable, and healthy. You can include this as a post-workout meal or a mid-morning/afternoon snack, boosting up your intake for the day in an easily digestible and nutritious way – no dirty junk food bulking needed here!

Save Time, Money and Improve Your Diet

The Dual Use Blend can be used to replace a complete meal, it contains the perfect level of carbohydrates, essential fats, proteins, and minerals to fuel your body in the same way that a complete meal would. So when you’re short on time but don’t want to compromise on your diet, just whip up a Dual Use shake and feel full for hours! One shake costs a little over £1, so it’s kind on your pocket too. Say goodbye to overpriced, and undernutritious, sandwiches for lunch!

When you have a Dual Use Shake as a meal, you’re not just getting all the macronutrients you need, you’re also getting all the vitamins & minerals your body needs in a meal – so it’s the ultimate healthy, balanced, and nutritious meal on the go.