Our Story

We’re not into ridiculous claims - most make us cringe and some make us lol hard. So, when we set out to develop Free Soul, we wanted something smart, effective, and backed by real science - real nutrition for women.

We have worked with leading clinical nutritionists to formulate the perfect products to bring energy and balance.

It goes without saying, our ingredients are of the highest quality and our flavours tried and tested umpteen times - to get to what we believe are the best in the market. Our whey protein is delicious and we challenge you to find a better tasting vegan protein!

All our products are soy, gluten and GMO free and unlike other brands, we haven’t bulked up our protein blends with cheap milk powder fillers (MPC).

Plus our products are independently tested to ensure the highest standards - what we say is in the pack, really is in the pack.

Real nutrition for women.