Weight & Muscle Gain

Whether you’re looking to put on a little body fat for some enviable curves or want to gain strength and grow some impressive muscles, to do so is really a case of reversing everything you learnt about fat loss – to now be consuming more calories than you burn!

You’ll need to make sure you’re eating enough to not only give your body all the calories it needs for energy, but also to give it a surplus that it can store as fat and muscle too. For a nice slow and steady gain of 1lb per week, you’ll need to eat 500 calories more than your body needs for energy per day.

How can Dual Use help with this? When looking to gain weight or build muscle, it’s not about simply replacing your breakfast or lunch. Here, it’s great to add in as a post-workout meal or a mid-morning/afternoon snack, boosting up your intake for the day in an easily digestible and nutritious way – no dirty junk food bulking needed here! Especially for those on a plant-based diet, it can be hard to hit your calorie target without feeling stuffed to the brim, so adding in a vegan shake will mean less endless chewing and more plant-based protein too. 18g per serve in fact!

But no matter whether your goal is to be lean and mean or bigger and stronger than Arnie, be sure to use a reliable calorie calculator to work out your individual calorie needs; based on your age, height, weight, activity, gender and body composition. Everyone’s body is incredibly unique, so don’t think if you copy your mate’s calorie goals that you’ll end up with the same results! Oh, and in case you need a little reminder; being super lean with a shredded six pack isn’t the be all and end all of a healthy lifestyle. This is all about making sure you feel fit, healthy, full of energy and confident in your skin – whatever size and shape that might be for you!