Here at Free Soul we’re all about making you feel your best, inside and out, no matter your lifestyle.
Whether you’re training for marathons and smashing out your daily squats, have a day of back to back meetings to power through or a young family to run around after; it’s not easy to get the fuel you need when life is overwhelmingly busy! Which is exactly where Free Soul’s nutrition blends come in; packed full of real ingredients and developed by a clinical nutritionist to support your lifestyle and exercise regime.

But how can a protein powder help you reach your goals? First of all, Free Soul is not just a protein powder! Our whey and vegan protein blends have been carefully formulated with a huge range of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens to target important aspects of female wellness, such as hormonal balance, bone density, energy, metabolism, as well as hair, skin and nails! And by switching up how you take your shake – mixing with water, milk or a few extra ingredients – it can help you to meet your individual goals! So, here’s how to enjoy Free Soul to get the benefits YOU want:

Pre or Post Workout Shake

Need some fuel before you hit up the gym? Research has shown that consuming protein pre-workout can improve athletic performance & increase muscle protein synthesis (when protein is produced to repair muscle damage caused by intense exercise). By sipping on a shake when your stomach rumbles, you’ll get the energy and protein you need, without anything sitting heavy in your stomach as you rush into the gym. Because no-one wants to be burping up their lunch during an intense set of burpees! Finding the time to squeeze in a workout can be tough enough, let alone finding time to pre-prepare a protein-based meal or snack beforehand and letting it digest!

Likewise, a high-quality source of protein is also key post-workout. When you exercise, you’re making small tears in your muscle fibres and, as mentioned, you need protein for muscle growth and repair! So, by grabbing a protein shake within about 30 minutes of a tough session, you’ll decrease muscle breakdown, increase lean muscle growth and enhance your recovery – do you really need any other reasons not to skip that refuel?

How to: Both pre and post-workout, simply mix 2 scoops of your favourite Free Soul blend with water and shake it up! Why mix with water? This is quickest for your body to digest – meaning that protein hit will reach your muscles fast, leaving you to reap the rewards of all your hard work!

Meal Replacement for Busy Days

We’re advocates of real food and eating a balanced diet full of variety, but we also get that life is hectic and it’s not easy to always have your nutrition on point! If you’re a busy shift worker, find yourself slammed with meetings or simply enjoy keeping up with a jam-packed social schedule, don’t let this stop you from getting the nutrition your body needs! Instead of skipping breakfast or lunch, opt for a Free Soul shake on the go instead. With its nutritionist-approved blend of vitamins, minerals and fibre, it’s specifically designed to support your wellness – much better than grabbing a quick biscuit or two on the go! Keep your favourite blend and a shaker in your desk drawer, so you’ve always got a quick, convenient and less costly meal replacement at the ready. No expensive panic trips to Pret or lengthy meal prep sessions required – it’s a win win!

How to: When you don’t have time to sit down and eat, mix up two scoops of your favourite Free Soul blend with milk (dairy, oat or almond will work well) to create a more filling and slower digesting shake. If you do have a couple of minutes to spare and access to a blender, grab some frozen fruit and veg and blend it all up for an energy-packed, super thick protein smoothie!

Curing Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re anything like us, you can’t say no to a good sweet treat! After all, it’s human nature to seek out quick energy sources when we’re feeling tired or when our energy is flagging. But in the modern world we’re rarely in starvation mode and tend to also reach for sugar when we’re simply a bit bored; which can become a habit that is tough to beat. So, we like to grab a Free Soul shake or snack instead – providing a comforting and satisfying 3pm pick me up, with much less sugar and a whole lot of added benefits too!

How to: Shake up two scoops of Free Soul’s chocolate whey or vegan blend with milk or water for the most convenient hit of chocolate goodness. Need something with a little more oomph? Whip up a batch of fruit & nut protein balls or even a protein-packed yoghurt bowl for a seriously sweet snack!


ps - our Dual Use blends have been kindly reviewed on the below link, be sure to check it out here