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delicious, nutritionist formulated, female specific supplements and meal shakes

We focus on the unique needs of women. Whether you want to improve your nutrition, gain muscle or lose weight, we’re here to support you with our nutritionist developed formulas.

Benefits of the Dual Use Blends

Complete Nutrition

Our shakes give you everything you need in one hit - the right blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Instant energy

Unlike other capsules or supplements, our blend of raw, plant-powered nutrients are easily and efficiently absorbed, fueling your system faster with no digestive disturbance.

Fuller feeling

Our shakes will fill you up, keep your stomach from rumbling, and give you the fuel you need to be your best you, all day long.

Make and Shake in 60 seconds

Mix, stir, and enjoy the health-boosting benefits of Free Soul in less than 60 seconds.

Taste & affordability

All of our shakes taste incredible without any fillers, additives or nasties. Enjoy enhanced physical & mental wellbeing for £1.28 a day.


Free Soul focuses on the unique nutritional needs of women in a way no-one else does. We have worked with leading nutritionists in the UK to formulate products that are unique and effective, and are specifically targeted towards women.

The Free Soul blends are available in both Vegan & Whey bases, and in either a protein shake, or complete meal format.

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Nutritionist Formulated Female Nutrition

Dual Use vs The Original Blend – which is right for me?

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Whether you want to recover after a workout, or to mix up a quick meal when you can't get to the kitchen, Free Soul will ensure you receive the perfect balance of nutrients to seriously boost your lifestyle.

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Being vegan, I have always struggled to find a protein that I could actually drink without cringing at the taste. This is spot-on the best tasting vegan protein supplement I have ever used! It helps me as I always feel hungry after a workout and so keeps me full!

R.S - London

This is the best flavoured protein powder I’ve ever had. I’ve tried a few on the market and having recently joined the vegan world, this has made life so much easier

E.J - Manchester

This blends so nicely with almond milk and fruit, it gives it a lovely creamy taste and texture without overpowering the other flavours. A bonus that it’s full of good stuff to help with energy too. Highly recommend!

S.T - Birmingham