The FS girlies wellness essentials

Wellness green mask and green juice

Want to be a wellness girlie? Look no further. We’ve got you covered

Add our recommended essentials to your daily routine. Because why just survive when we can thrive!

1. FS Greens (£24.00) - The perfect way to start your day! FS-Greens will keep you feeling healthy and energised throughout your busy schedule.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Ice Mask (£49.00) - Feeling tired and puffy after waking up? This mask will help calm your skin and reduce redness.

3. AYBL Gym Leggings (£17.00) - Have you ever heard the saying ‘Treat everyday as a runway’ well you have now! Go to the gym in style in these amazing Abel leggings.

4. Dermatology rejuvenating face oil (£75.00) - Working from home or ready for bed? Let this oil work it's wonders while you make yourself a well deserved cup of tea.

5. FS Collagen Gummies (£12.49) - Collagen or a sweet treat? You tell me! Because these taste delicious and contain 150mg per serving!

6. Nudebynature BB Cream (£22.00) - Trying to be kind to your skin but want to feel confident? Try this amazing BB cream for the best of both!

7. Candles (£22.00) - Tell us something better than coming home to a clean house and lighting your candles?... I’m waiting.

8. Gisou Hair oil (£68.00) - If you haven't tried this yet you need to! This multipurpose hair oil can be used as a pre-styling and finishing product, as an addition to a hair mask and as an overnight treatment.

9. Grace & Stella Eye masks (£15.00) - Say goodbye to eye bags. These eye masks will revitalize your tired eyes, giving you a youthful, awakened glow.

10. Chilly's Bottle (£44.00) - Stay Hydrated and cool throughout the day.

11. Jade Facial Roller (£15.00) - Roll away your worries. After each use, your skin will look toned and your complexion will be smoother (We keep ours in the fridge for extra effect).

12. Cheeky Nibble (£5.99) - Because we all deserve a cheeky treat! Still wanting to stay healthy but could have a little snack? Look no further.

13. Yoga Matt (£16.00) - For when you need a moment to yourself to clear your mind. Take this with you anywhere.

14. Rain fall sleep Lamp (£54.00) - Who said we have to wait for the rain? This amazing lamp creates the perfect cozy atmosphere for you to unwind to.

15. Ugg Slipers (£110) - What everyone is going crazy for. The definition of walking on clouds in one click.

16. Wellness Journal (£29.00) - Your safe space! Full of Wellness Mapping, Feel good goals, Daily intentions and so much more.

17. Massage Gun (£122) - We’ve all worked out a little too hard and could use a massage. Well this portable massage gun is the perfect solution.

18. On the go blender (£49.95) - Really fancy a smoothie but had to rush out the house? Want to make a smoothie at work but they don't have a blender? Take this with you anywhere and make your smoothie fresh at anytime.

19. Oversized Jumper (£54.00) - Is it just us, or do you instantly change into something comfy when you get home? Oversized jumper and hair in a bun. Perfect!

20. Flowers (£30.00) - Okay hear us out. How good does it make you feel if someone buys you flowers? So why wait? By them for yourself. You deserve them.