Greens Smoothie – Made With Powdered Greens

Greens Smoothie – Made With Powdered Greens

Ever thought you might not be getting enough greens in during the day? We've got you covered.

Our go-to FS-Greens Smoothie, made with our highly nutritious powdered greens and vegan protein powder is a great way to give your body the goodness it needs, in less than five minutes.

Our organic green powder is more than just powdered greens. FS-Greens contains 21 natural and nutrient-dense greens and nutritious superfoods. Plus, boosted by the FS Vegan Protein Blend you’re getting in 20g of protein in this smoothie too!

Our organic green powder and vegan protein shake will help to support your immunity, energy, and digestion as well as helping to balance your hormones! It is a DO IT ALL shake.

We have lots of other tasty recipes using our powdered greens. Check out our instagram for many amazing more ways you can have your daily greens, plus this round up of 4 of our fave greens recipes, perfect to start your day.