High Protein Eggnog

Two creamy drinks sprinkled with a brown spice
Is it acceptable to have eggnog after Christmas?! Yes. Absolutely. High Protein Eggnog coming at you by @cookyourlife that’s delicious, super quick to make, and made with Free Soul👌🏻 -

Serve: 1 smoothie
Level: Easy
Time Active: 30 seconds

🥚 1 scoop Free Soul vanilla protein
🥚 1 cup almond milk
🥚1/2 frozen banana
🥚1 egg
🥚A dash of nutmeg

Step 1
In a blender, add milk, banana, protein powder and a raw egg
Step 2
Blend on high speed for 30 seconds, or until pictures is well combined.
Step 3
Pour into a serving glass, and top with a dash of nutmeg.