Protein Packed Pancakes

Golden pancakes next to a small bowl of deep brown syrup

Let’s get your Sunday deliciously fuelled with this simple, nutritious, protein packed pancake recipe by @jessicaeatsrealfood 📝🥞 This is what we meaaan ladies, Free Soul isn’t just for smoothies, spice up those meals with a few scoops girl 

Ingredients ⬇
🥞1 scoop Free Soul protein powder in any flavour
🥞3 tablespoons (20 grams) of coconut flour
🥞1/4 teaspoon baking powder
🥞1 pinch salt
🥞3 egg whites
🥞1/2 cup milk (nut milk or dairy milk are both fine!)

Simply add all of your dry ingredients to a bowl and stir. Then, add the egg whites + almond milk. Carefully whisk together until a thick batter forms. Cook in a non-stick skillet with some butter, coconut oil or ghee for roughly 1-2 minutes per side. They're ready to flip when they look set around the edges! Serve with fruit, nut butter or maple syrup! (A dash of cinnamon really takes them over the top)

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