Sistas Feedback!

Hey Sistas!

We always love hearing feedback and reviews from our happy customers, and we'd love to share some of these with you! 

From Natalie in Croydon

“There are a few things that really stand out to me about Free Soul, but one of the most important things is that the Protein Blends have been uniquely formulated based on the needs of women, which is something I just couldn’t find on the market – everyone else that claimed to be “for women” just branded their protein prettily, there was nothing special about their ingredients.

Then I found Free Soul and their added Key Ingredients, such as Peruvian Maca, Siberian Ginseng and Guarana have really helped me feel better on the inside which has affected how I feel on a daily basis, and has also helped me improve my fitness levels, as I find myself recovering from exercise much faster and am snacking less throughout the day. I’ve found my hair is thicker, my completion clearer, and myself full of energy since starting the shakes.

It also helps that the protein blends taste amazing. Having tried so many different protein powders, I never really settled on one that I felt I was able to have every day. I can definitely say that I can have Free Soul protein daily – I usually blend it into my morning smoothie, or have it with water after I work out.  It’s not only for gym buddies and recovering after the gym, my friends who don’t exercise have found the same benefits that I feel – that’s why I’ll always recommend Free Soul, it’s changed the way I feel, and the way my friends feel. I love it.”

From Robyn in Dagenham

"Delivery is always on time, & the products are always of a high quality. Great value for money, & amazing tastes. Prefer the chocolate and vanilla, but the berry protein is nice too. Find that they work really well with almond, soya or coconut milks. The wake and sleep teas are also lovely tasting. I would definitely recommend their products. Thanks so far-I will continue to use your products post training runs and gym classes!"

From Emma in Exeter

"Absolutely love everything about this product and company. Right from all my pestering before (and after!) I purchased with question after question, the ease of ordering, the prompt delivery, the BEAUTIFUL packaging and presentation, the taste and most importantly the improvements its made on my life and the way I feel.

The teas are spectacular and do exactly what they say they do. The shake is delicious and I'm absolutely loving that it's all keto friendly! Oh and that shaker!

Will absolutely highly recommend (and have already done so!) to anyone that will listen! Will 100% be ordering again!"

From Charlotte in The Netherlands

"Absolutely love it. Ordered it from the Netherlands and I definitely support this small growing company! The vegan protein is waayyyyyyy tastier than the ones on the dutch market so far, and the packaging looks so great! Very happy about the flavour of the shake and the other products! I am definitely a returning customer."

From Azeene in Newcastle

"This shakes amazing! Tastes so good!! I look forward to having this on a morning! I use oat milk with it and it goes so creamy!! I love how much energy I get from it, and I’ve only been trying it for 2 weeks now! can’t wait for my next order! Thanks guys for making an unreal shake!"

From Sarah Jane in Birmingham

"Love this protein, ordered the Vegan blend and it tastes amazing! Love how it’s full of goodness and no sh*t in it unlike other proteins on the market."

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